Overnight Boarding

Dog Boarding

Vacation with ease! If you’re looking for Dog boarding in Southern VT, we’re the answer. We provide your dog a fun and comfortable home away from home while you’re away. Dogs enjoy all-day open play in our indoor-outdoor environment with limited kennel time.

Wagmore Kennels is staffed overnights with our kennel boarding manager living on premises so your pup is NEVER alone. Our boarding manager does nightly checks and all activity is camera recorded, and reviewed in the morning. Health checks are preformed and documented every morning to ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable stay for your pet.

Our kennel schedule is designed to offer more exercise and stimulation than many boarding kennels offer, but still includes scheduled rest times. Unlike many kennels, Wagmore is staffed 24×7 with staff residing on site. 

Our Boarding Schedules

Our flexible scheduling options accommodate your dog’s needs, providing peace of mind while you’re away.


Typical Daily

Standard Boarding Schedule

  • 7 AM- GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! Outside for potty and morning snuggles
  • 7:30 AM- Chow time!
  • 8 AM- Potty break and daycare group playtime!
  • 11AM-1PM- Quiet time at the kennel so no pickups or drop-offs during this time. We make every effort to keep the kennel quiet so the dogs who need it can get some uninterrupted rest, and so that our staff can take rotated breaks.
  • 1-4 PM- Open play with the group
  • 4 PM- Dogs are kenneled and awaiting supper time!
  • 5:PM- Chow time!
  • 6 PM- Potty breaks and some light exercise.
  • 7-9 PM- Quiet time
  • 9 PM- Potty break and then tucked in for the night.

Typical Daily Private

Boarding/Kennel is Closed Schedule

  • ​7 AM- GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! Outside for potty and morning snuggles
  • 7:30 AM- Chow time!
  • 8-10 AM- Potty break and staff playtime!
  • 10-1 PM- Quiet kennel time
  • 1-2 PM- Potty break and staff playtime
  • 2-5 PM- Quiet Kennel time
  • 5 PM- Potty breaks and Chow time!
  • 6 PM- Potty break and light exercise
  • 7-9 PM- Quiet kennel time
  • 9 PM- Potty break and then tucked in for the night.
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Please note we are closed for pick up and drop off on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, July 4th and New Years Day.
Please note the online booking below is a reservation request and will be reviewed by a Wagmore team member. Only registered guests that have passed a behavior evaluation may make online bookings. All bookings are pending until we receive proof of valid Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper vaccines.
If you’d like to drop off your dog for the day during a non-daycare day , we offer day boarding for $20. Open play from 8-10am and 3-5pm, with kennel nap time in the middle.
If your dogs cannot eat together you will be required to book 2 kennels.
It is YOUR responsibility to make sure we have updated vaccinations. NO bookings will be made without vaccinations on file.

All long-term boarding reservations (over 10 days) require a 50% deposit. If a deposit is not received, your booking will be canceled.

Kennel Size & Rates

Jumbo Kennel -35$ / Per Night

These kennels are floor to ceiling and 5 feet wide, offering plenty of space to sprawl out. Comfortably sleeps any size dog, as well as two dogs from the same family.

$35 per night for one dog,
$65 per night for two dogs in the same family.

We also have private suite boarding available for pups that are not comfortable in an open play environment. The cost is $45.00 per night with a $5 discount for two dogs.

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